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I'm a little drunk. Good time to buy that electric drum kit I've always wanted.

I need a way to temporarily disable my entire keyboard so I can wipe off this fucking pollen every 10 minutes.

I don't game much anymore, but started playing Horizon Zero Dawn for some reason. I miss a single-player campaign game, plus it was on sale.

I wound up having several beers, eating 2/3 of a salami stick, feeling shame, and then throwing the wrapper into the fire.

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Outside, enjoying a little fire, some cold beer(s), and a book.

How the heck do you discover/follow other instances/users on ?

Touchscreens for elementary school kids was a terrible idea.

I tried, again, and I still can't get up and running.

Is there a good/latest docker image install I can follow?

Anyone else email? What SMTP (if any) are you using? I've been using SES for years but noticed the max email size is 10MB. Thinking of switching to SendGrid, which appears to offer 30MB.

Even worse it seems I threw it on the host volume and never moved it to a dedicated one.

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I've been absolutely spoiled by speeds in the last 10 years. I was wondering why one of my VMs was booting up so slowly. Seems it's still on a spinny disk.

Is the Mayflower autonomous ship launching today? Is it possible to stream it?

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#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @pinafore - Alternative web client for Mastodon

🌟 @Castopod - FOSS podcasting platform for the Fediverse

🌟 @XWiki - Self-hostable free open wiki platform aimed at business users

🌟 @manyver_se - Social network without servers, works peer-to-peer

🌟 & (videos) - Charity campaigning for the right to privacy

🌟 - Directory of all follows recommended by FediFollows, organised by topic

I stood up a instance. Suggest some instances to follow!

I finally got something better than the Walmart bike I've had since high school. Ever since I discovered I absolutely love trail biking, I realized I needed something better. It's an entry level mountain bike, but it has all the features I've been looking for.

How does a instance get toot updates from those I follow? Is content pushed to my instance? Is my instance polling the users I follow? How does it work?

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