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Absolutely no work motivation today. Spent some time updating docker containers and refreshing branches. Trying to figure out how to not get overwhelmed by what seems like so little. Lists help.

Why is so fucking awful at playing video?! 🤬

What's your favorite lightweight distro? I have an old Intel centrino laptop with 1GB ram I feel like messing around with.

How in the hell is my old Asus AC68U handling upload speeds of 500-600mbps consistently? Granted, this is a Wifi 6 laptop, the WAP is AC. Usually I get half this on other AC clients. Not complaining obviously.

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weekly reminder to start your own god damned instance already

host your own (feel free to reach out if you need any help):

or have someone else host for you (for a fee):

Who has a (not the tablet)? Which model do you have? Does it have a light for nighttime? How do you like it?

Taking my son outside the cabin to see all the stars light up from up on top of this mountain, and seeing how amazed and awestruck he was, that alone made this vacation completely worth it.

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Just because you understand your message doesn't mean your audience does. 🤣

"You have good connectivity to the gateway".


Poked around in the satellite ISP's modem at our cabin. Imagine having a 50GB monthly allowance.

The clouds finally dissipated, which means the satellite internet speed has doubled from a couple hundred kbps to now 3-4mbps, which also means I can finally upload a photo of the view from our deck (which makes up for the dreadful internet speeds)!

Staying in Boone, NC for several days. Stuck with this abymal satellite internet. I have no cell service.1-3 second ping times. SECONDS! Speed test is 140kbps. This is almost 10,000th the speed of my gigabit back home.

I can't even upload a screenshot of my slow pings! LOL

I only care because I am supposed to be doing some remote work. I guess I'll have to just enjoy the vacation. 😏

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My server is running incredibly slow when trying to join rooms. I've tried a docker instance and a dedicated instance... why does it take so long joining (or even leaving) a room?

The toilet didn't fill back up (float was stuck). The kids didn't realize this, however, and decided to fix it by filling cups of water and dumping it into the back of the toilet. 🙄

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