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Not gonna lie. I've owned a lot of tupperware. The best is still the black plastic takeout boxes with the clear lids. They're so universal and stack perfectly.

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I'm looking for bed and breakfast cabin spots on the east coast US, preferably surrounding Maryland. Would love a cozy place with mountain and lake views, that sort of thing. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Looking for a good entry level mechanical . I've never owned one before, and only used one a couple times. I don't typically play games though I do a lot of application development. Thanks!

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Fiction writers!

What's the best book (or maybe course?) you know of to help develop ideas into viable writing projects? Or to at least test out whether they've got legs at all?

As a writer I've of course got more ideas than I know what to do with, so I'm looking for a) a way to separate wheat from chaff among them and b) a process that will help me take the ones with potential to the next level, evolving them to a more fully formed story.

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What is a decent, entry level ? My son wants to observe the moom and possibly some bright stars (well, what we can in our light-polluted area). Thanks.

How. The fuck. Do clovers. Grow. In concrete.

Anxiety and herbal supplements 

What OTC herbals are you taking for ? How effective are they and how are you liking them?

A house down the road from me already has their decorations up. It's an entire volleyball game of skeletons, including referee.

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How often are you in the #Fediverse?
Please boost or share!

#anxiety, meds 

I fucking hate anxiety and feel it's been getting worse. I feel I have a very low threshold for "chaos" and it's overwhelming me too much recently.

Seeing a doc in a couple days. If anyone is taking meds for anxiety, what is it and how is it working?

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Putting framed quotes meant for the kitchen in the bathroom.

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Totally messing with Amazon's algorithm, I ordered an audio baby monitor so I can hear when my dryer is done. I have not had a baby for nearly 22 years.

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Too depressed to go out, and depressed because I don't go out.

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