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I started writing/coding an interactive story for my little cousins. It was a much bigger hit than I expected.

I've finished the prologue and put it up on my website in case you guys would like to read it:

I call it "A Rainless Sky" though the title is subject to change. It's a murder mystery set in a fantasy world with a magic system of my own devising.

More should come within the next few days. :)

Anyone who has been to Costa Rica able to offer some travel tips? Thanks!

Why the hell is it so hard to customize the new tab page (without extensions or registry hacks) of pretty much all major browsers?

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Can someone recommend a good late-night bed laptop? Something around 11-14 inches, fanless, thin, and has a backlit keyboard? I would only really use it for browsing and accessing a RDP and SSH. Even a chromebook would be fine. Thanks.

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Spent part of our afternoon chasing a confused Canadian Goose out of the yard with a rolled-up American flag.

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A machine that offered rare drinks and nobody knows who operated it. It was in operation from the 1990’s to 2018, when it disappeared and a note was left saying: “Went for a walk”.

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Hair cutting joints need to give people those Brazilian-steakhouse-style red/green cards so you can flip it red if you don't want to engage in conversation.

Tested another location. Still as bad as the other spot. Yuck.

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