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I have an old Dell laptop, Pentium M (single core) with 1GB of memory. What OS should I use if I wanted to turn it into a retro gaming station?

Had a headache and bad neck pain since early this morning, and now a lack of sleep from both. Going to be a GREAT day with the kids off school today...

I'm disgusted by the amount of shit that has fallen in between my oven and the adjacent cabinet.

What forum(s) do you use for questions regarding:

1. general home networking issues
2. finding/discussing new FOSS projects?
3. topics specific to self-hosting and homelab

I'm 38 years old and here are words I still cannot spell correctly:


My fiance asked if I could play drums to the Little Drummer Boy by King and Country. I haven't touched my drums in about 8 months. This was probably the 3rd or 4th take after really hearing it and listening for the main transitions. Taped my go pro above my head. Overworked my old i7 adding one filter in Premiere CS6. Nothing fancy but worth a post.

Wow. Tried and but am absolutely loving . It's not FOSS, and while I wish it were, it's perfect for my needs and solid.

Who here runs a ping on their 2.4ghz devices? What timeout rates are you getting?

I'd like an S22 Ultra when it comes out, but I have no need for a S-Pen. At least I don't THINK I do.

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in just over 16 years we get a re-run of #Y2K, called #y2038, #y2k38 or just the #epochalypse

on the 19th of january 2038 linux time at a little past 3 in the morning the number of seconds will surpass what fits in a 32bit integer.

so many things will fail.

Are there no good web clients? Converse.js seems janky and buggy (weird UI issues switching between conversations). Kaiwa isn't maintened. Movim is way too much (not just chat but a social network). JSCX only works embedded on existing pages.

Maybe Xabber for web?

We turned back around to just get a picture of this sign.

Never mind...

Seems I had a setting enabled that EXPLICITLY told the app NOT to download on a mobile network. 🤐

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Well I WAS enjoying FeedMe for my (using ) but it seems I'm now seeing consistent issues with images no longer parsing.

Maybe I'll try . Any nice clients for that?

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i tend to start todo lists off with "drink coffee", "have fruit", "nap", "short walk", "look at the sky", etc.

gives some early wins to get going, and it's good for me anyway.

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