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Blows my mind that e-gift cards are now becoming more commonplace these days. It really makes sending a last-minute gift a pain in the ass.

I'll try again. This may go against the grain, but are there any (privacy conscious) PREMIUM android mail apps out there?

Wow, as much as I don't really care for the K9 mail interface, I have to say it is rock-solid and quick.

Are there any nice Android clients that are visually appealing? K9 is really nice but the UI is lacking. FairMail is even uglier, but performs nicely.

I like the stock Samsung Email app, but seems there's a bug in how IMAP flags are set when messages are deleted, so I can't use that anymore.

Literally dusted off my old Hyper-V box to try out some mail server projects today.

Things I'm currently annoyed about:
- Mail server being finicky
- Old project car having a misfire
- Squeaking bike brakes
- Having trouble updating my server's PHP version
- That goddamn squirrel on my birdfeeder

I'm beginning to get frustrated with my self-hosted mail. Somewhere between my android mail app (Samsung Mail), my desktop app (em client), and mail server (hmailserver), in a rare blue moon I'll have an email that gets out of sync and won't load on desktop. My theory is the android mail app is causing IMAP flags to not get set correctly, since has issues too.

I need a good all-in-one solution that is with a good admin UI.

I never realized waiting on your kid's first return home on their school bus can be so stressful. My son got off on the wrong stop yesterday. Luckily it was his OLD school and he was able to go in and call me.

I live in a world where it's easier to buy a mouse pad from amazon than to look for one in one of the many boxes I have in the basement.

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I saw somebody say that Joel Osteen looks like Martin Short pretending to be Tim Allen and I can’t unsee it now, it’s the most accurate statement ever uttered.


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Tired of Big Tech monopolies, a community of hobbyists is taking their digital lives off the cloud and onto DIY hardware that they control.


Trying to play Robocraft with my son and he's stuck fine tuning his robot...

What are some good integrations that use online services only? I don't have many network/automation devices.

I'm looking for smart doorbells and was appalled that it does not detect doggos at the front door. I would be happy to let them in!

I cannot believe the Windows 10 video editor doesn't support any kind of transitions or fading.

I want to get into with a . I don't really know what to make, besides something maybe to piss off squirrels that attack the bird feeder. I'm a C# dev and Windows user, so IoT Core looks like a good way to get onboarded fairly quickly.

Who here has some neat projects they've done? Yes, I know I'm about 8 years too late to the party.

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