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I need to follow account that post pictures of their bike/hike trails so I can get inspiration to trek out more often and take pics.

Any recommendations?

Are there any webmail clients that support IMAP idle (push) email?

I'm sorry, but I had to uninstall . I really love the idea, but playback of youtube content was always painfully slow for me. I would love to see if theres a tweak that can he done or if there's another similar project as a YT client.

Decided to make use of an old Core2 Quad Q9650. Really surprised how snappy it is for being a 13 year old CPU.

I do really like the idea of privacy-focused search engines, such as , but jesus tap-dancing christ the search results suck compared to Google. More than I'd like I have to repeat my search on Google to find what I need.

gurus, should I use proxy_http_version 1.1 for all my instances, or only when needed?

Is it me or is a major pain to set up? Any simple tutorials, preferrable docker with a NGINX config?

Goddamn ... my poor son is building a project for school (part of a summer program) and accidentally messed up half his work by putting in a wrong command. It seems theres no "undo" or previous save option. Ugh!

Man, once you witness 120Hz (or higher) it's tough going back.

The only thing worse than no internet is intermittent internet.

I never realized how much I can't stand Jack Johnson until I was stuck in a waiting room with listening to a playlist of nothing but his music.

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I wish I was anywhere else in the world for just a couple hours.

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