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They also didn't understand why they couldn't fast forward.

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My Roku-raised kids have no idea how cable TV works. They changed channels and didn't know why the other show didn't pause while watching the other one.

Are they still called "toots" or "posts", now? I always chuck when someone favorites my toot, or even boosts my toot. Such confusing imagery.

At a cheap hotel down in lovely Beaufort, SC for a night before heading down to FL. Their pool and "hot tub" are closed due to covid, and they dont serve breakfast, also due to covid. Meanwhile, not a single mask.

Really wish or (RTSP) had a DVR feature. Am I missing something?

NOW I remember why I hate the beach: all the goddamn sand in literally fucking everything.

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Get you a man that talks about you the way Panos Panay talks about Windows.

F***ing Amazon. They flagged the payment method on my son's account and are reviewing it. Meanwhile, he's locked out of his Kindle until then. Why? No goddamn idea.

Stood up a camera out back to see what's been eating the corn (still surprised the wifi reaches wonderfully). Hopefully I'll spot some deer. So far all I got was this fat rabbit pecking away for 40 minutes.

I've been reading a HELL of a lot recently. Any online book clubs/groups/chats out there worth looking into?

2 things I wish my Kindle paperwhite had:

1. An option to display the name on the lock screen so that we know who it belongs to (we have 4 in the house).

2. Quicker toggle for light/dark mode.

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I use Google a couple times (instead of DDG) for an issue and of course now I'm getting Quora emails with related questions the next morning.

How in the hell do you send a document >50MB to amazon's library? Too big to email. The desktop client says it's too big. WTF?

Checking out Ghost for blogging. Who has moved to it from Wordpress (or from it)?

FFS I can't add an uploaded document (i.e., EPUB file to my child's account??)

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