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Anyone here use Matrix with a FB messenger bridge? I want to ditch it but still have family I chat with on there.

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#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @lubuntu - Lightweight version of Ubuntu, runs well even on older computers

🌟 @rnadness - Painter, mixes traditional techniques with psychedelic style

🌟 @codeberg - Non-profit git hosting service for FOSS projects

🌟 @Matomo - Free open analytics software, can be self-hosted

🌟 @Krita & @kritafoundation & @Krita_artists - FOSS painting software

🌟 @monarobot - Artist focused on Mayan aesthetic, worked on anime series Onyx Equinox

Anyone have a FLAC collection of some relaxing sleep music they're willing to share? Hell, not even FLAC if you're willing.

I'm a Windows guy but have really grown an interest in using (or at least trying) a Linux distro as a daily driver. I need a cheap spare laptop to mess around with.

Alright, can someone fill me on the FSF and Stallman drama, please? TIA!

Plex is down, so of course I can't access the content running on my own fucking network.

I REALLY want to switch to Jellyfin from Plex but it's simply nowhere near as solid. Hoping the Android app (in particular) improves.

Just discovered Sshwifty! Installed in docker in a few seconds. Reversed proxy-d in a few more. Really slick!

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My Brother laser printer is dying. Random restarting, paper jams, smearing. Not sure where to start diagnosing. Anyone with thoughts?

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"Me after working for 2 years on a side project"

by iillegally

Anyone into out there? I'm getting more into trail/mountain biking and looking for something under $800.

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is there a good SSH client (for windows) that can sync across devices (like a Termius, but free or FOSS)?

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:boost_ok: :ablobcatwave: Please boost this post if you would like the EFF to join the fediverse. :ablobcatbongo:

In a survey the EFF sent me, I suggested they create an account on the fediverse, so they can reach more supporters and support innovative free software that promotes interoperability among platforms, something they've advocated for in the past, too.

If you can boost this post, maybe I'll be able to show them that there are quite a few users who would like them here!

The EFF is the infamous nonprofit organisation that fights for privacy, government transparency, and digital freedom. Their fight is very important, and the EFF is very special to me.

You can see some of their work here

In the meantime, you can follow @eff, which is an unofficial mirror of their Twitter.
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In case you missed it, Google Play recently removed the @Tusky Mastodon app without proper explanation.

Tusky is one of the best Android Mastodon apps, with nothing controversial in it at all. It's quite disturbing that Google can and does act like this.

An alternative and much better way of getting Tusky onto your Android device is by using the independent FOSS app store @fdroidorg

You can find instructions for installing F-Droid here:

#FediTips #MastoTips #Tusky

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Decided to try out the 2021 Wordpress theme on my (very out dated) site. What the middle school HTML class is this shit? It looks like my site is yelling at me.

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