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Scott Hanselman replied to one of my tweets and now I can go to bed happy.

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Who out there has updated their instance from 19 to 20?

What search engine are you using? Comment if none of these.

It is possible to change your domain of a self-hosted mastodon instance?

I'm really, really fascinated with Linux, but still have a hard time getting around the command line. I've been using Windows my whole life. A vast majority of my personal servers are Ubuntu, but I survive with good instructions on how to install and configure software.

Really hard to not not do work shit with this beautiful weather. Anyone up for playing hooky?

Browsing for folks to follow on is sort of line traversing a tree. You get to an instance, you find some folks you want to follow, and then see they're part of a dedicated instance with a bunch more of you fuckers. I love it.

It's going to be 70 in MD today. Windows are open. Charlie is armed and ready to bork.

Even after the pandemic is over, if I ever have to set foot inside of a Walmart, I'm still wearing a mask.

Why in the HELL can't you send money through a web SITE anymore? First Google Pay forced you to use their app, now Venmo? I need to send a one-time payment to a friend and now I need to set up a goddamn app...🤬

I'm so anti-Google at the moment I switched my secondary browser from Chrome to Edge.

Not sure if that's much better though.

I'm shutting down my Windows 2008 "Database" server, which has served me for many years, hosting my SQL Server and MySQL databases. I've moved (and converted) everything to a MariaDB instance running on Docker.

It has served me well. It also frees up several GB of memory not having to run, which is a nice plus. Your new home will be in an archive folder along with other VHDX files.

Spent an hour diagnosing a "400 bad request" to one of our client-creation services only to realize it's trying to encode the request in ISO-8859-1 instead of UTF8.

The code was being racist, as the encoding was breaking only for Spanish names.

I'm moving my databases from an old Windows 2008 R2 instance, with 5.5 and SQL Server, to a MariaDB docker instance (and moving from MSSQL to as well).

My mind is blown that the instance is only using 100-150MB.

I hopped on Twitter the other day and realized how much I appreciate not seeing "promoted" and "sponsored" content taking up 3/4 of my window.

Trying out Telephant for

Hmmm, seems hash-tag dropdown support isn't there yet.

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