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If I have to figure out how to get rid of enough popups to read the website, at which point does it become a computer game?

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I explained rubber duck debugging to my fiance and now she has an array of (my) stolen ducks on her desk.

Pretty sure my 10 y/o son is a neckbeard..

Thought my graphics card was failing (showing random pixalation). Turns out if wasn't plugged in all the way.

2021 and Aldi still needs a quarter to use a shopping cart. Ffs.

Speaking of which, I really want to perfect some good General Tsos. I've been using a spice packet that calls for flour, but seems my first step is corn starch. Also a deep fryer, or maybe get away with pan frying?

I attempted hibachi on my griddle. Fried rice, steak, chicken, shrimp, and sea scallops.

I swear my kids dip their hands in General Tso's sauce and rub it on my light switches and mirrors throughout the day.

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A reditor put shrek on a floppy disk.

It looks and sounds like garbage, but it has me wondering what the smallest watchable size I could get an hour of color content down to.

Here I am trying to be healthy by getting into trail biking and now I'm catching a goddamn cold. 😷

Ok, figured out that pasting a link will try to generate a preview.

Still, 40MB is tiny for uploads.

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Any cyclists out there? I drove to a bike trail recently and loved it. However, my bike is from high school and am in need of something newer/sleeker.

Also had fun with my new GoPro:

How in the hell do I either 1) upload a larger video here, or 2) embed a link to it from another site?

Got a GoPro for Xmas. Never had one before. Get ready for videos of my kids face planting in the dirt.

Really hating this app-only bullshit. I don't need a hundred apps cluttering up my phone for some service I rarely access.

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