What are you using to manage/view your existing LAN files outside of your network and from mobile? I'm using Nextcloud, but I'm tired of the mobile app, especially for video files. Are there any alternatives, specifically ones that allow me to mount an **existing** network share? Thanks!

@mangochutney oh good! I honestly had no idea when buying it. Bikes are hard to find and this happened to be in stock with the features I wanted. It was cheaper than i expected to spend so no buyers remorse! It's a joy to ride. Gets my chubby ass off the couch.

I'm a little drunk. Good time to buy that electric drum kit I've always wanted.

I need a way to temporarily disable my entire keyboard so I can wipe off this fucking pollen every 10 minutes.

@mangochutney I have so much to learn. I'm just happy my new bike has mechanical linkage.

@skipfordj i think what happens is it only adds new videos, so the next one I post should show up.

@skipfordj I believe so. I'm able to subscribe to other peertube instances and they show up on my server.

I don't game much anymore, but started playing Horizon Zero Dawn for some reason. I miss a single-player campaign game, plus it was on sale.


I wound up having several beers, eating 2/3 of a salami stick, feeling shame, and then throwing the wrapper into the fire.

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