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"Quarantine day 10: Working together"

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I need a good, comfortable (but not too expensive) office desk chair. The piston on my cheap Office Depot chair is giving out.

This was a REALLY unproductive day. I kinda feel bad about it.

@pyre35 I sort of... I only check in once in a while since my fiance is on there and couple friends.

I actually just got the facebook matrix bridge working so now I can remove the messenger app too.

Good job with all that data collection there, Facebook. I don't recall visiting any Spanish websites?

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@aaronpk dear god my browser is literally decoding every page I visit from UTF8 to text omg I'm going to prison

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I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

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@neil I didn't know what "sextech" was. I thought your first message was the typo.

Well, damn. A new curiosity.

Checked out devrant.com today. It takes 4 clicks to post a rant and you can only post one every 2 hours (at least for new users).

I came to that site with only one rant but now I have several after posting my first damn rant! What's the point?

From an actual demo of a UI, used by all our reps, that I was witness to today. Dear god.

@J12t I actually have been using hmailserver for many years, but recently discovered a really rare/annoying bug caused by quirks between the host and a couple mail clients (different combinations behaved differently). I decided to ditch hmailserver and try mail in a box (postfix/dovecot/etc) and it seems much more stable across clients.

I'm learning so much about how much of a pain in the ass it is to run your own mail server.

Still, also don't know how/why tf do I still do it.

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