Can anyone explain why my front disc brake on my sounds this godawful? I don't see anything in the pads. It does it after a few minutes of use, goes away some if I make them hot (by "riding the brake"), but then comes back.

@baldur I forgot how annoying this was when I first noticed it. Thank you for posting this.

Fiance ordered a S21 and I'm envious as fuck.

@trevdev @pixelfed I tried and could not figure out how. Couldn't find an answer either.

@trevdev @pixelfed are you able to install your own instance and follow users on another instance yet?

Trying out my desktop Linux for the first time on an actual desktop (not just a VM). Using Elementary OS. First time it froze when changing the desktop wallpaper. Rebooted fine, but not liking how it looks so much like OSX. Also how TF do you minimize a window? I think I'll try something else. I don't want it to look/feel like Windows or OSX, I want something different.

Replacing Uptime Robot with Uptime Kuma! Finally putting my cloud server to work. Really liking this so far.

At first I was excited to see a sale on a Nvidia 1030 for my son's low-end Minecraft computer until I remembered I had bought a GDDR5 version in early 2019 for $85. There is absolutely no excitement anymore.

I regret tossing out my small collection of cheap, wired keyboards from when I moved. Now I need one to use in a POS computer (Piece Of Shit, not Point of Sale) I'm fiddling with.

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