I need to join a club, or a movement, or something grassroots. I need some meaning in my life.

@ajroach42 well I can see the drummer is clearly playing but it's been 10 minutes and the guy on the right's still waiting for his laptop to boot up.

So I just got my new Keychron C1 with the blue switches.

I really like typing on it and I feel I'm typing with more confidence and accurace. Still...it MIGHT be a little too loud...

Got a call from the school nurse. My 10 year old son ate an acorn at recess and got scared. I cannot make this shit up sometimes.

I kind of want my own little weather station as a hobby. Any recommendations for a cheap setup? Preferably one that integrates with

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Gonna be cold today in my area. Excited for getting all cozy with a space heater this morning.

New office toys are on the way!

Keychron C1 blue and Logitech Brio Ultra 4K!

@iamdoon good god! when you do, separate them into piles by type of cable.

OMG I LOVE seeing the millions of clovers dying in my lawn after treatment. 🤗🤗

I cannot believe how god-awful 11 is. I have a brand new Surface Laptop Studio, with 32GB RAM, and it's constantly sluggish. Even simple toggling of windows via alt-tab is janky and slow.

And I work for ; doesn't mean I have to sip the Kool-Aid.

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