Good job with all that data collection there, Facebook. I don't recall visiting any Spanish websites?

From an actual demo of a UI, used by all our reps, that I was witness to today. Dear god.

Today's bike ride went well.

Apparently I didn't secure the cotter pin on my front brake pads. The pads fell part way out. Had to break the rear pin in half to be able to secure the front pads.

The cut was from trying to bend the brake pad clip straight, since the caliper as pushing on a loose set of pads (thus bending the clip).

Trying to play Robocraft with my son and he's stuck fine tuning his robot...

I'm looking for smart doorbells and was appalled that it does not detect doggos at the front door. I would be happy to let them in!

Electricians! I'm having an issue with an inline potentiometer on a light switch. My question is, while the potentiometer is off, or even somewhere in the middle, the voltage between the input and output (the two red circles) should NOT be 120v, correct? I'm reading a steady 120v whether off, in the middle, or on full.

I absolutely love that my fiance has taken an in mountain biking. We dont need anything fancy, her Schwinn from Dick's is perfectly fine. She asked again this morning if we could do another trail!

Can anyone explain why my front disc brake on my sounds this godawful? I don't see anything in the pads. It does it after a few minutes of use, goes away some if I make them hot (by "riding the brake"), but then comes back.

At first I was excited to see a sale on a Nvidia 1030 for my son's low-end Minecraft computer until I remembered I had bought a GDDR5 version in early 2019 for $85. There is absolutely no excitement anymore.

Literally got this while in the middle of writing Javascript for the first time in a long while.

I set up a GitLab runner box named "gitlabrunner" and I can't help but think of this fella.

It will do this... creep up and up to around 80mbps, drop, and then crawl up again.

What is this behavior? Normal for home networks?

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