Can anyone explain why my front disc brake on my sounds this godawful? I don't see anything in the pads. It does it after a few minutes of use, goes away some if I make them hot (by "riding the brake"), but then comes back.

At first I was excited to see a sale on a Nvidia 1030 for my son's low-end Minecraft computer until I remembered I had bought a GDDR5 version in early 2019 for $85. There is absolutely no excitement anymore.

Literally got this while in the middle of writing Javascript for the first time in a long while.

I set up a GitLab runner box named "gitlabrunner" and I can't help but think of this fella.

It will do this... creep up and up to around 80mbps, drop, and then crawl up again.

What is this behavior? Normal for home networks?

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Stood up a camera out back to see what's been eating the corn (still surprised the wifi reaches wonderfully). Hopefully I'll spot some deer. So far all I got was this fat rabbit pecking away for 40 minutes.

I need to stop letting my kids use my (they're getting one for graduation).

Holy crap, was easy as hell to set up (via docker, at least). Already up and running. Anyone want to view a stream of my butterfly garden? 😆

Actually... seems this behavior is the same if I do Ctrl + F5 in any other browser, where some of the static assets will show as 404. Doing a regular F5 (and going to the page by typing) works fine.

Anyone notice this? I'm using 3.3.0 (on ).

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Outside, enjoying a little fire, some cold beer(s), and a book.

I finally got something better than the Walmart bike I've had since high school. Ever since I discovered I absolutely love trail biking, I realized I needed something better. It's an entry level mountain bike, but it has all the features I've been looking for.

How in the hell is my old Asus AC68U handling upload speeds of 500-600mbps consistently? Granted, this is a Wifi 6 laptop, the WAP is AC. Usually I get half this on other AC clients. Not complaining obviously.

"You have good connectivity to the gateway".


Poked around in the satellite ISP's modem at our cabin. Imagine having a 50GB monthly allowance.

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