New router does not mean faster router. Sitting out on the back deck, with my old AC68U router. Cannot complain.

Any experts out there happen to notice these "NoMethodError" errors in their Sidekiq logs?

Me trying to quickly gather up all 4 before they ran into the house after a food bowl belonging to our (much) bigger .

Now it's squirrel-proof. It's hilarious watching them try to get to the feeders now. Scampering around, trying to leap but fail, climb but slide back down.

They're annoyed and confused... maybe even a bit... BAFFLED! 🤣

I had to order a 2nd baffle, as the squirrels were persistent enough to climb the feeder pole on the right.

For now, a duct-taped paper plate will suffice.

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These squirrels are pissed off ever since putting up the taller shepherds hooks and the baffles for the feeders. I''m watching them plotting while the birds are feasting uninterrupted.

Not only that, these bluebirds are swooping down and attacking the squirrels (photo not mine).

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