Outside, enjoying a little fire, some cold beer(s), and a book.

I finally got something better than the Walmart bike I've had since high school. Ever since I discovered I absolutely love trail biking, I realized I needed something better. It's an entry level mountain bike, but it has all the features I've been looking for.

How in the hell is my old Asus AC68U handling upload speeds of 500-600mbps consistently? Granted, this is a Wifi 6 laptop, the WAP is AC. Usually I get half this on other AC clients. Not complaining obviously.

"You have good connectivity to the gateway".


Poked around in the satellite ISP's modem at our cabin. Imagine having a 50GB monthly allowance.

The clouds finally dissipated, which means the satellite internet speed has doubled from a couple hundred kbps to now 3-4mbps, which also means I can finally upload a photo of the view from our deck (which makes up for the dreadful internet speeds)!

Just discovered Sshwifty! Installed in docker in a few seconds. Reversed proxy-d in a few more. Really slick!

Decided to try out the 2021 Wordpress theme on my (very out dated) site. What the middle school HTML class is this shit? It looks like my site is yelling at me.

It's going to be 70 in MD today. Windows are open. Charlie is armed and ready to bork.

I'm shutting down my Windows 2008 "Database" server, which has served me for many years, hosting my SQL Server and MySQL databases. I've moved (and converted) everything to a MariaDB instance running on Docker.

It has served me well. It also frees up several GB of memory not having to run, which is a nice plus. Your new home will be in an archive folder along with other VHDX files.

I'm moving my databases from an old Windows 2008 R2 instance, with 5.5 and SQL Server, to a MariaDB docker instance (and moving from MSSQL to as well).

My mind is blown that the instance is only using 100-150MB.

Wallabag working hard to crank out those mean statistics.

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