Ugh. Cracked heel remedies? 🦶🦶

@ryan Pick up one of these, they work wonders.

(Take it easy, though, at first - it’s tempting to try and remove too much at first. Your feet won’t enjoy that.)

@ryan ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ unsure, I’ve never tried. Seems like it’s mostly a mechanical problem that requires a mechanical solution. :)

That said, I’d love to hear if you find something that works!

I’ve been using the Ped Egg for ~8 years to great effect. Whenever there’s not snow on the ground, I wear either Chacos or flip-flops exclusively, both of which kick callous development into high gear, so mine sees a lot of use.

@ryan my wife is pushing for me to wear some light acid peeling socks for 15 minutes... But I still didn't dare.
They are in drugstores here.

It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets cracked heels again

@ryan O’Keefe’s Working Feet or Burt’s Bees lotion both work well. I had this problem when I worked on my feet in a factory with safety boots.

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