For those self-hosting or managing web sites, how are you handling "www." in 2022?

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@ryan I redirect to the apex domain. While I could, theoretically, serve on both, I think that the www prefix is bullshit.

@h3artbl33d I too always 301 redirect to the apex domain.

Also, if someone uses Ctrl + Enter in most browsers, it prepends "www." and appends ".com".

I'm not hosting at www. So not redirecting either. Most people use search or copied links from shared URLs anyway.

@ryan Shit. Haha. I answered “ignored” then went and checked the two sites I maintain. One appears to be “handled”. The other site, with www., serves up the Apache page. I guess I need to fix that. Oops. My preference would be to redirect though. So I’ll probably fix both of them to redirect.

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