I'm looking for a bookmarking app, similar to , but allows for multiple people to share/save links and all parties can view.

My fiance and I share links with each other of random ideas, but they get lost in the noise of our conversations and emails. Wallabag is what I use now, but it's per user and we can't see what each other person saved.

Does anything exist? Thanks!

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Do you have a nextcloud instance already running? I think you could share urls in a shared note maybe

@groovestomp thank you. it's close, but not 100%. seems the only missing option is sharing links between multiple users. maybe her and I can share a single account, however. thanks!

@ryan Hey, I'd suggest check out LinkDing. What I'd suggest is use your own browser to store youw own bookmarks - and this to store "shared" bookmarks

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