Puppy cam is up for a little. They're in a smaller (yet slightly taller) pen because 2 of the 4 have learned how to escape 😑

Here ya go, @Gina!



@Gina @MrDers @Gina is the stream working ok? this is hosted from my basement, on a residential ISP, on east coast USA.

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@ryan @MrDers it's pretty decent, wish we had audio too 😁

Edit: oh lol there's audio!!

@Gina @ryan @MrDers Wait, there's audio?

Also yeah, works great! watching on as the light one is getting started in lockpicking

@foosel @Gina @MrDers the audio might not be back on. I had to switch inputs and the other one didn't have audio enabled. When I get back later I'll turn it on

@foosel @ryan @MrDers lol yeah I've been watching that one trying to chomp its way through the gate as well 😂

@Gina @ryan @MrDers "This is the lockpicking lawyer and today we are looking at this gate lock here... woof"

@Gina @ryan @MrDers This thing needs Chromecast support, would love to just throw the feed on my Shield 😁

@foosel @Gina @MrDers "now, licking the lock profusely will allow saliva to seep into the lock and loosen the locking mechanism..."

@ryan @Gina @MrDers Ironically I was just watching an episode on a specific bike lock I'm thinking about as part of my ebike research and so seeing that puppie go to town on the gate made me giggle uncontrollably

@foosel @ryan @Gina @MrDers This is the kind of content I came here for - lock picking puppies! 😍

@Gina @MrDers

I enabled audio. I usually don't for these streams, so let me know if you hear some weird shit (besides me talking to the dogs/pups like toddlers)

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