One really awesome thing about the I realized while driving this morning.

If there's someone on a (activitypub) video site that I like, I don't need to be on their site, or even host my own version of that video site (such as ). Same thing for a photo blog, such as .

From my single, self-hosted instance, I can follow these accounts, be it regular text, video blog, picture blog, etc, as these all support the protocol.

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It's like being able to follow someone on from , or follow someone on from .

@ryan It's the opposite of "you must log into Instagram to see more of this person's photos" and it's brilliant.

@CarlCravens totally. "oh, you want to watch this person's videos from your microblog site?! ha! kidding, go for it!"

@ryan I've been super curious about this part of ActivityPub. In fairness, I've done no research, and have mostly spent time interacting with Mastodon and browsing landing pages of other sites.

You still need to be able to see some kind of feed if you follow people from any instance of an application that supports activity pub, right? In other words, I have to run some application that renders to me a feed?

@komish not entirely sure about a feed, but from whatever domain they have, if they don't have a "Follow" button on their profile (most do, but it seems doesn't seem to expose this), you can still search for them from your instance by putting in their and it should show up. From there, you can choose to follow them.

@ryan Gotcha, I think what I'm trying to unpack is what "Follow" means. I'm seeing it as "I'd like to see your content.

ActivityPub makes it so that I can see your content regardless of where you post it, which is great.

But I still need to render it out somehow. How, say, PixelFed or PeerTube render content is different than how Mastodon renders content (I assume, I haven't worked with either of those).

Is there a way to like/dislike/comment on a video from PeerTube from here, for example?

@komish when you follow someone, you're now able to view their content (previous, in most cases, and current). Same with video/blog sites. I believe the structure of the content is the same for all sites, though it may be rendered differently. One I can think of is the max of 4 images, which is the same for pixelfed and mastodon, for example.

Good point about likes/dislikes. You can "favorite" on , but suports like/dislike.

Someone please shed some light! I'm curious now!

@ryan re: the question about a "feed", some of this is ignorance because I haven't interacted with a PeerTube instance as a user, but we get a Timeline (feed) here.

I would assume user-facing dashboards (i.e. not profiles) would show me a feed on those instances as well? To facilitate people I've followed? What if self-host one of these ActivityPub-supporting apps and want to switch to another?

Super curious! Great discussion.

@komish I self host my instance. I've subscribed to a lot of folks, and I see all their activity in my timeline/feed/dashboard. They range from mastodon, to peertube, to pixelfed, to plemora, etc. I can click their profile and view (from my instance) their posts/images/videos as well.

Switching is another ballgame. there is some facilitation/redirection, at least in mastodon, but not sure if this is a activitypub feature or not.

hopefully i'm answering your questions correctly.

@ryan how did you find setting up the self hosted infra? I feel like self hosting makes sense, as it ties your footprint in the #fediverse to your identity/domain, so I’ll probably go that route down the line.

@komish I'm actually hosting my instance from my basement on an old desktop I built years ago, on a Hyper-V host as a VM guest. The guest is and my instance is installed as an app on YNH.

The whole this was actually really easy. There's also instances available, and though I haven't used that install method for this, I'm sure it's straightforward.

I'd be happy to help when it comes time to setting up your instance.

@ryan Neat! Very much appreciated! I'll reach out when I get around to the task, if at the very least to reestablish contact with folks I've chatted with through this account.

@komish just to add, I've had a really good experience with the YNH setup. It's really well-guided and facilitates setting up certificates, too.

@komish @ryan

#ActivityPub builds upon #ActivityStreams, another open standard. It defines a set of social primitives. A toolbox for exchanging message between social applications in a machine-readable fashion.

For different types of apps to interoperate and integrate there needs to be consensu on the message exchange patterns and logic. But each app can give their own twist to what e.g. a "Follow" request means.

Right now "Microblogging" is best defined for interop.

@ryan yes, it is amazing, but the fact that you only realized it this morning, also shows its problem; the concept of the fediverse continues to amaze its current users. And for the rest of the world it is completely incomprehensible...

This make it hard to explain...

I am puzzled by one thing still: sure I can follow peertube accounts from Mastodon... but can I also post peertube content from my mastodon account? Or do I need to make an account on a peertube instance then..?

@dosch pretty sure you can't, as that would mean you would have to log in as your peertube account onto your mastodon server, somehow.

@ryan Yeah, it is that part that is hard to explain to new users sometimes: what fedivises and what does not in the fediverse.

For example, I discovered the other day. I wish I could join that site with my current mastodon account; so that my mastodon becomes a SSO for the fediverse...

@dosch yeah, you can CONSUME any content from a single account/instance, but you can't CREATE content that isn't on your own instance (such as posting a video to peertube from mastodon).

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