@ryan The Snikket app hardly differs from Conversations. This is intentional - see snikket.org/open-source/

The biggest practical difference (apart from the name, logo and colour scheme) is the welcome screen, and the fact that the Snikket app does not support registering an account on public servers. That's because one of our goals is increasing self-hosting, so the app focuses on this "small private server" approach rather than guiding you to sign up to random public servers.

Hope this helps!

@snikket_im Thank you. I recently used snikket for android to connect to my ejabberd server (to compare the app). Now I'm seeing lots of log entries about S2S connections. How can I remove any incoming connections from push.snikket.net to my server? Thanks!


@ryan Hi Ryan! Are you certain no other users on your server are using Snikket apps?

Our push service will not initiate connections to servers, but it will respond if connected to. You would need to track down what is causing your ejabberd to connect to us, and the usual explanation is that someone is using the Snikket app.

There is an ejabberd support chat where they might be able to help you track it down: search.jabber.network/search?q

Good luck! 🙂

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