I wish there was a desktop client as good as is for (at least IMO).

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@technicalissues I have... at least out of the box it was awful. It didn't load history, it didn't allow sending of files. Not sure if it needs additional plugins but I haven't dug further into it.

@ryan weird. I used it a good while back but it always did both of those fine

@technicalissues @ryan why do you suggest pidgin?

Because I've never heard anyone say that with pidgin modern xmpp is working fine. Quite the opposite.

Personally I'd suggest @dino or @gajim - both maybe not perfect for everyone (I love dinos simplicity and Gajims ad hoc command capability) but certainly well featured xmpp clients. (Dino's windows build is not yet finished though, in case you were looking for a windows client)

@aslmx @technicalissues @dino @gajim I was looking at Dino but was hoping for a windows build... sadly there was not yet. Glad to hear they're working on one?

@ryan @technicalissues @dino @gajim

Not sure about If there is much progress

I haven't followed the MUC in the last months....

But if you happen to run WSL, I've seen some guide to run using that...

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