I CANNOT relax. I constantly feel I'm falling behind, not doing what I should be doing, but I don't know what that "something" is.

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@ryan My solution to this comes from Getting Things Done, where it's called a Radar Sweep. Brainstorm every idea, look in every file, go through every inbox. Write down every single thing, no matter how small or nutty, that's nagging for your attention. Keep a notebook. Now you have a new problem -- dealing with the list. (Not all of those things really need doing.) But you will know, absolutely, that there isn't anything you should be doing that isn't on it.

@fishidwardrobe yes! I actually do this. I keep notes and tasks of things as they come into mind. Just a place to store them and reference to keep things in check.

@ryan but if I get that feeling that I've forgotten something, a radar sweep fixes that. Either I find out what I've forgotten, or I'm reassured.

@ryan Some meditation or a long walk may flush out the source of tour unrest.

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