Alright, I've never really used IRC before. No idea WTF I'm doing. Tried IRSSI (docker) and my nick name isn't staying. Feeling like a complete noob at the moment.

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Most networks use services like nickserv to identify your account, and if you don't identify within a timeout after connecting you might get disconnected.

You could also try to solve this with a bouncer like znc, or irccloud.

Does your connection console give insight as to why your nickname isn't persistent?

@ryan give up lol. I tried months ago with no luck. Plus I couldn't find an active channel.

Don't actually give up :) I'd love to hear if someone here can help as I'd like to get it going too!

@ryan Hexchat is a much easier client to use. I'd give that a try first before you move on to something like IRSSI.

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