recommendations for an old-age Intel Centrino laptop (Dell D410, 1GB RAM, 2Ghz)?

@ryan I guess, before answering, I should have asked what it's going to be used for. Text terminal? Web browsing? Kitchen recipe machine?

@skipfordj terminal/SSH, RDP, email and light web browsing from bed.

@ryan Then, for ease of install and use, my suggestion stands. :)

@ryan I've managed to run on an ancient Laptop with 512MB RAM. It works quite well, but browsing (even with Firefox) is kinda slow

@ryan for brand new experience and modern one i would try voidlinux with e24. Not sure how they are doing it but it works like a charm (Enlightenment). Everything else is too fat for that pc.

Lxqt might work and that would be my second choice.
Third is debian with openbox. Uset netinstall and just build up but disable apt suggested and recommended packages!

I have used all of them and i was impressed by all however it has been i while since i ran anything on 1GB of ram.

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