Decided to try Yandex as an email client for my personal IMAP and now I'm getting IMAP logs from a Russian IP? What the actual fuck.

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@ryan I would NOT try anything Yandex makes.... Be sure it's dodgy

@danielfgom I'm not sure what is going on here but I've blocked it. When I tried out Spark mail for Android I noticed weird IPs accessing IMAP. Are they storing IMAP creds too? I noticed they also had an option to "Log out from Spark", which made it seem that they were storing my info.

I self-host my mail - I don't want 3rd parties being able to view the contents of my folders.

@ryan Wow. So Readdle, the company behind Spark, are Russian. I did not know that. And use Yandex as their ISP... great, now I have to consider dropping Spark. Not because Readdle are Russian but because I don't like Yandex. Maybe I'm wrong but have never had a good impression about them.

Good work!

@danielfgom The Spark one, I wasn't seeing Russian IPs, but was getting a bunch of west-coast Google IPs. It was just a weird thing at the time, until I saw a similar thing on the Yandex app.

Sticking to K9 or maybe FairEmail for now. I don't trust this shit.

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