Looking into smart doorbells. The ones with the app and the camera. Looking for something the wife can use. Who can reccomend?

@ryan kinda sounds like your implying your wife is too stupid top work a doorbell

@ryan is'ne that just a euphemism for apps for stupid ppl ?

@ryan I don’t know myself, but I found this thread:

Btw, just ignore User-friendly is for everybody

@blueberry My general point was that I know when you move to the FOSS side of applications, they tend to get more "technical" and lose simplicity that may come from a big player. While I'm all for FOSS (and I'm a developer who loves to tinker), my wife is not and just wants something simple to use. I don't want to frustrate her with a FOSS app that may be difficult to use.

Bottom line: I'm technical, she is not, so a camera with a simple and easy-to-use app (FOSS or not).

@ryan yes, I understand that, so now I think you should be focused more on having a camera that sends the least amount of data to a 3rd party while still having a simple and easy-to-use app

If you trust Amazon to do it right, Ring has E2EE built-in:

@blueberry this is great, thank you.

thoughts on Arlo or Eufy, for that matter?

@ryan I haven’t heard of those before, so unfortunately no

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