Frustrated I can't find a good Android email (IMAP) solution for my setup. Maybe I'm being picky:

Nine mail - don't like the mail icon, seems bloated
Outlook - doesn't sync with my local contacts for some reason
K9 - No exchange support (for work)
Samsung Email - broken "delete" causing inbox issues
Spark mail - it's storing my info in the cloud??


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Yandex - it's... not downloading my mail?

@bj00rn Tried that one too... it's just... ugly IMO

Like I said, I'm being picky.

@ryan I settled on FairMail Pro for personal and Outlook for work. I can live with ugly and I like FairMail's privacy focus. Outlook because we use Office 365 and I'd rather not mix personal and work email together.

@sbanwart That's sort of what I'm doing now. I'll give fairemail another try. I like K9, and it's really solid, but I don't love that I can't swipe... anything, really. I like getting instant sync changes between my email clients.

So far I actually do like using Outlook for android, even for personal, I just wish it would use my local contacts.

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