I'm beginning to get frustrated with my self-hosted mail. Somewhere between my android mail app (Samsung Mail), my desktop app (em client), and mail server (hmailserver), in a rare blue moon I'll have an email that gets out of sync and won't load on desktop. My theory is the android mail app is causing IMAP flags to not get set correctly, since has issues too.

I need a good all-in-one solution that is with a good admin UI.

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@ryan I use Mailinabox. Works pretty well and only needs updates every 4 years. But you gotta use the exact OS version they require and you can’t customize it beyond the features they offer.

@alex Does it allow me to specify an upstream SMTP relay? I push my outgoing mail through either SES or Sendgrid's SMTP servers.

@gvs Interesting. Checking this out. How do you like it?

@ryan I've been a long term user from about 2008... Love it
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