I want to get into with a . I don't really know what to make, besides something maybe to piss off squirrels that attack the bird feeder. I'm a C# dev and Windows user, so IoT Core looks like a good way to get onboarded fairly quickly.

Who here has some neat projects they've done? Yes, I know I'm about 8 years too late to the party.

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@ryan I feel like the new hotness are the ESP8266 and ESP32. I haven't tried the 32, but I've got quite a few ESPs running Tasmota/ESPHome connected to Home Assistant

@MrDers Slick, I'll check these out too. I too use HA, but nothing too fancy at the moment. I was thinking the RB Pi simply because it has (what I'm assuming) is a ton of support and would be good for a newbie such as myself.

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