@alex @ryan is there a case where `num & 1 == 1` wouldn't determine the oddness of a number?

@alex @thatguyoverthere @ryan I suspect many of those downloads are from India.

@alex @ryan modulus is probably better actually, but I was referring to bitwise operator & which will return the bits set on both sides of the equation. So `3&1=1` but most systems will probably only allow these operations up to 32 or 64 bits so larger numbers could get funky. I think.


Don't know JS but is this a joke project or something? Or could it be really that difficult?

@unpopop @unpopop @alex @ryan

Oh sorry. is-odd at least makes sense. But don't know about is-even...

@butterdog @ryan To be fair, JavaScript is so retarded mine looks like this:

const isNumber = number => typeof number === 'number' && !isNaN(number);

@ryan lol

Tbf all those videos of people getting messes up with paralysis get even me worried.

@ryan huh. In my dev circles I've only heard pro-vax chatter.

@ryan Jokes apart, software damage can be more easily remedied.

@ryan I will decline getting npm dependencies injected into my arm as well.

Your program crashing is usually a lot less dramatic than your biology crashing.
@ryan If you're boss has a heart attack you'll get a new boss, if your heart gives up you're done. Perspective.
@nanook that's sort of like unplugging the boss and plugging him back in. . .
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