I have gigabit symmetrical at home. Why am I only able to download files from it at around 60mbps from outside of my home network?

It's a single, large file, and my connection (from outside the home) is around 200mbps. The file also isn't going through any proxy or the like - just continuous bytes.

Can someone explain this?

@ryan as somebody said, you only get the advertised speeds upto your local exchange point...


@thatayush That's what I might not be understanding. At least on fast.com, I'm getting nearly a gig up.

Is there something in regard to the TCP congestion window from my server, or is this out of my control?

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@ryan this is likely due to netflix having a peer with your isp, which shows up these speeds. Try running a speedtest.net one with a server in florida, could explain the thing then.

Also pro tip you could make a one-time use vpn with wireguard and some vps provider, depending on how good they perform for you. I have a script ready for a one-device vpn if you're up for it lol

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