Anyone here running on docker? I have a few questions...

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@ryan I think @kev might have for a while. If not, he may know others who were on #ttrss. 😅

If it's a docker issue, I might be able to help in general.

@celia @ryan I haven’t. I used TTRSS a while ago before it moved to docker, but I now use FreshRSS.

@kev @ryan Oh my bad, I confused FreshRSS with TTRSS. Offtopic, weren't you on Miniflux at the moment?

@celia I assume that was aimed at me?

If so, I was on Miniflux, and really enjoyed it. However, the app I use on my devices (Reeder) depreciated the Fever API, which is what Miniflux uses.

Reeder supports FreshRSS natively, so I switched.


@kev @celia @ryan I’m still using Miniflux with Reeder, even though they deprecated it 🤷

@kev @celia @ryan I love how the topic of Kev's RSS reader pops ups every six months. You could almost set your watch by it.

@ryan I am, though I'm not sure how many questions I can answer.

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