I don't game much anymore, but started playing Horizon Zero Dawn for some reason. I miss a single-player campaign game, plus it was on sale.

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@ryan Can someone with an account on another PeerTube instance participate in likes and comments?

@ryan Well, it sort of worked. I was able to subscribe with my Mastodon account, the video entries aren't showing up. The same happens between my PeerTube account and my Mastodon account as well.

When trying to subscribe with my PeerTube account, I click the button, and nothing happens. I've force-refreshed, I've allowed pop-ups...

@skipfordj i think what happens is it only adds new videos, so the next one I post should show up.

@ryan You don't happen to have blocked, do you?

@skipfordj I believe so. I'm able to subscribe to other peertube instances and they show up on my server.

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