I've been absolutely spoiled by speeds in the last 10 years. I was wondering why one of my VMs was booting up so slowly. Seems it's still on a spinny disk.

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Even worse it seems I threw it on the host volume and never moved it to a dedicated one.

@ryan I put my Nextcloud VM on the three disk ZFS array to simplify things instead of running Nextcloud on the SSD and adding ZFS as the mount. I can feel the disks waking up whenever I try to connect. Rookie mistake.

@MrDers do they spin up one at a time or all 3 at once?

@ryan The ZFS array is a raid system so they should work together.

@MrDers I know little about RAID, unfortunately. Neat!

@ryan ZFS raid is a little different than traditional raid. I've been running raid since way before SSDs were a thing. You could get decent performance with two 10k RPM disks in Raid. I use it mostly to allow one disk to fail and still be able to recover the system.

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