I'm a Windows guy but have really grown an interest in using (or at least trying) a Linux distro as a daily driver. I need a cheap spare laptop to mess around with.

@ryan Awesome! My Lenovo t460 has been a fun second machine to bang on. No problems with any distros. Nothing fancy but could probably get one on eBay for fairly cheap these days. I bought mine for under $400 a few years back.

@ryan I love using Linux as my daily driver. It really depends on your preferred workflow. My daily work revolves around web development and I prefer Linux for it. However, I can do all the same things with wsl, so it really just depends on your preferred software and desktop environment if Linux will be for you. :)

@ryan Your should, it's well worth it. I recommend starting with Zorin OS Core. It's based on Ubuntu and is nicely themed and stable.

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