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"Quarantine day 10: Working together"

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I need a good, comfortable (but not too expensive) office desk chair. The piston on my cheap Office Depot chair is giving out.

This was a REALLY unproductive day. I kinda feel bad about it.

Good job with all that data collection there, Facebook. I don't recall visiting any Spanish websites?

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I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

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Checked out devrant.com today. It takes 4 clicks to post a rant and you can only post one every 2 hours (at least for new users).

I came to that site with only one rant but now I have several after posting my first damn rant! What's the point?

From an actual demo of a UI, used by all our reps, that I was witness to today. Dear god.

I'm learning so much about how much of a pain in the ass it is to run your own mail server.

Still, also don't know how/why tf do I still do it.

Did something happen in the world of LetsEncrypt certificates? All of a sudden basically all of my certs have expired today at the same time.

It's amazing how jarring the new "pill" tabs on desktop were for for me and now I'm really used to and enjoying them compared to other browsers.

Anyone know of a good, quick static "About Me" page generator with links to put in?

Yes, I know there are templates and "with a little CSS you can blah blah blah". I know. I'm still wondering, though.

Thank you 🤗

Wow, I have so many questions about ... there are a million settings and I need an adult.

Holy shit, FairEmail is really nice but seems to have about 1000 settings...

What are some interesting email newsletters you subscribe to?

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