Is there a self-hosted solution for browsing youtube and not be bombarded by ads? Ublock isnt enough - I need this at a domain level.

Spending my saturday night looking for users to follow...😒

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The non-replacable battery in my RoboVac 11+ really is non-replacable. I literally cannot buy it anywhere.

Wallabag working hard to crank out those mean statistics.

Wasted time because a bonehead developer wrote an integration test disguised as a unit test, and the dependency failed intermittently. 🤬

I don't understand how/why finding clipart is such a shit show. Either you find a "royalty free" version that costs hundreds of dollars or their free full-size version is a tiny, watermarked preview.

Can someone explain how hashtag searching works on MD and the ? When I search, is it searching, in real time, all posts with that tag? Or is it only pinned/boosted/whatever posts? Is there a delay? Thanks!

Company got me a MSI 10th gen i7 laptop with a Nvidia 2070 and doesn't think I'm gonna throw Steam on that puppy?

I'm still waiting for my app to use the newer version.

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