I feel half my day is spent finding funny GIFs to post in my merge/pull requests to nag people to approve them.

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What matrix servers are you part of, besides matrix.org, gitter, librachat, etc?

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Is there a (classic) port for 32 bit linux?

Is anyone using a Windows desktop client that supports mastodon and twitter? I see folks cross-posting from twitter. Curious to what you're using. Thanks.

We might be fostering 7 puppies this week. If so, I'll throw up a "puppy cam" on

When I'm looking at my SSD using CrystalDiskInfo, is the Total Host Writes the same as TBW? I'm looking to see how healthy my supposed 360TBW SSDs are. Is this saying I only have ~22TB written to the SSD so far?

I wish there was a desktop client as good as is for (at least IMO).

What is a lightweight linux web browser that doesn't suck? Firefox is killing my POS pentium.

I have 7 extra smart plugs left over after taking down christmas lights. Any ideas (besides lamps) on how to use them?

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I use but only to access files available on network shares, and use the ability to create public links to them. I feel this is overkill and wondering if anything exists that is more lightweight and perhaps better suited for my need. Android app (to view and download files) is a must. Does anything like this exist?

Actually, I take that back...

One (big) issue I previously noticed was the video was ALSO being transcoded from HEVC to H264 when only the audio needed to be transcoded (the device supports H265). Turns out I only had to disable this one setting for it to ONLY transcode the audio, and not both audio and video.

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I really want to switch from to merely because it's open source. However, it's just not as stable as Plex IMO with my setup and devices using it. Hopefully 10.8 will change that. Anyone running that version?

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