Can anyone explain why my front disc brake on my sounds this godawful? I don't see anything in the pads. It does it after a few minutes of use, goes away some if I make them hot (by "riding the brake"), but then comes back.

Fiance ordered a S21 and I'm envious as fuck.

Trying out my desktop Linux for the first time on an actual desktop (not just a VM). Using Elementary OS. First time it froze when changing the desktop wallpaper. Rebooted fine, but not liking how it looks so much like OSX. Also how TF do you minimize a window? I think I'll try something else. I don't want it to look/feel like Windows or OSX, I want something different.

Replacing Uptime Robot with Uptime Kuma! Finally putting my cloud server to work. Really liking this so far.

At first I was excited to see a sale on a Nvidia 1030 for my son's low-end Minecraft computer until I remembered I had bought a GDDR5 version in early 2019 for $85. There is absolutely no excitement anymore.

I regret tossing out my small collection of cheap, wired keyboards from when I moved. Now I need one to use in a POS computer (Piece Of Shit, not Point of Sale) I'm fiddling with.

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Lovely. My instance is randomly running out of memory. I might need some guru help.

Literally got this while in the middle of writing Javascript for the first time in a long while.

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@ryan has just started streaming on their #owncast server! Check them out at:

Welcome to BinaryDad's Owncast server! You'll see mostly birds, deer, squirrels, rabbits, and butterflies around here, maybe the occasional doggo.

#streaming #owncast #nature #garden #deer #squirrels

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How/where can I get my repaired? Is there anything first-party?

Reasons a simple package update took so long to get to our QA environment yesterday:

- Other developer blew a merge, resulting in dependent library code missing
- GitLab package source authentication failing
- GitLab just fucking being down yesterday afternoon

I set up a GitLab runner box named "gitlabrunner" and I can't help but think of this fella.

My son's STEM camp asked me to come in and teach some kids basic HTML coding. What are some cool ideas I can use to keep them entertained while showing them the basics of HTML/CSS/JS?

I really hate that Google has better search results...

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